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Graphic Design Journal

Week 1: Reflections on material

I have noted a few things in this week's readings / watchings. It was all quite interesting - there was a lot to think about! So, I thought it would be best to pick out the elements that resonated the most with me.

Case study - Intro

I really loved Adrian's art deco visuals. Art deco, to me, has a real sense of timelessness -- you have no idea what decade this was designed in. I noted how Adrian said "it's about being able to tell a story effectively with the minimal number of components." This spoke to me, because it's exactly how I would describe writing. In writing, you always want to reduce, not increase, your word count. The shorter = the more impactful. I find it cool that my main discipline (writing) relates to graphic design so directly, when you put it this way.

Case study - Sara Harris

I really loved Sara's work and I found the image that was sitting behind her, a graphic of a human eye, super interesting. I found myself wondering how to create regularly-spaced spokes coming out from a centre. (Maybe this course will teach me that!)

Reading - Studio Culture

A super interesting read about how the space designers work in creates the work itself. I must remember to check out whether the recreation of Francis Bacon's studio space is still in Dublin. He said it was in Dublin City Gallery - I'm not sure if I have been there before! Must check it out.

I also really loved this quote: "Closed doors breed suspicion and rumour." So true! I absolutely hate offices that focus on communicating hierarchy instead of instilling a sense of collaboration.

The three pillars of self motivation: Trust | Value | Reward.

Case study - Netflix design show - Paula Scher

What an absolute powerhouse Paula is! I absolutely loved watching this - being a fly on the wall of her life for period of time. Her art is simple awe-inspiring. The amount of work and detail - holy smokes! I found myself wondering: "Did she make NYC or did NYC make her?" because the look and feel of her designs are so impossibly New York. The imagery was so iconic, I felt like I'd come away from a weekend walking around Manhattan. Given that NY is such a busy / fast moving place, it's pretty special to be able to say that her work is so quintessentially NY.

Case study - Intel: Michael Wolff

Very enjoyable watched. This quote stuck with me... he was talking about how he works on: "Muscles of seeing that make me able to see more."


Noticing / Appreciation

And these 2 enable a 3rd - Imagination

Case study - Regular Practice

Cool to see how young designers view the field. I found it really interesting that these guys do both typeface and furniture. When you stop to think about it, chairs look a lot like letters.

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